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Bespoke cakes for every occasion


Ever since I was young I have been creative. Drawing, painting, sculpting, you name it,
 I was trying my hand at it.
 I also LOVE cake (well, who doesn't!?) so it made perfect sense to transfer that  creativity to  cake making. At the time there was only one problem with this, I had  never baked a cake in

 my life!
 I have now tried & tested more recipes & flavours than my waistline cares to  mention!
 After all, it's not just about the decoration, the cake has to taste great!
 I love what I do and it's the best feeling ever when other people love it too!

      Every cake made is baked & decorated to meet individually requested designs & flavours so             therefore no two cakes are ever exactly the same.
      Cakes can be made in all shapes & sizes, with a multitude of flavours to choose from.
      There's something for everyone, no matter what your requirements. 

We should all get to have our cake & eat it!